What are the side effects of spending 2 hours a week in a nature? Better health and well-being!

When we feel connected with nature, we can expect positive changes to our health such as better cognitive function and improved physical and psychological health. Recent studies have also found that many people who spend more time in nature often have better, healthier dietary habits.

Living and working in the city can make it difficult to spend time outdoors but here are easy ways to add outdoor time to your daily routine.

Take small tasks like reading, a phone call or even eating lunch outside! Sit or stand with your face to the sun, sit in the grass or stand bare feet on the grass.  This would be extremely beneficial in the morning time. Facing the morning sun will send signals to your brain to help regulate your circadian rhythm. 

Open your curtains to let natural light in!  If you can open the window to let the fresh air in even for 5 minutes will make a big difference in mood!

Touch nature. Get an indoor plant or plant something outside. By bringing nature to you and tending to it will be well worth the effort.

Let us know how you’re connecting with nature!