About Us

At Touch Light Chiropractic our mission is to help families and individuals of all ages throughout Lake Norman,  express greater degrees of life, human potential, function, health, and well-being through enhanced neural self-organization & function and spinal integrity, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms or conditions; using evidence-based chiropractic methods that are very honoring, gentle, and effective.

Is Chiropractic Care Right for you?

At Touch Light Chiropractic, we believe you have a right to feel alive, vital, joyous and free. We know that whatever limitations you might feel in your body – whether symptoms, pain, or dis-ease – they all call for change. However, when in distress, sometimes the hardest thing to know is what changes to make. Connection to your body is your ticket to freedom.

We help our chiropractic patients to create a greater connection with their body’s wisdom no matter what the condition, symptom, pain, or dis-ease. We do this through a revolutionary system of care – Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis, NSA) and Bio-Emotional Integration (BEI) – which assists people in reconnecting with their body through greater awareness of their own natural rhythms of breath, movement, and energy. We have found that the tension, position and tone of the structures of the spine as well as the body’s habitual range of movement and capacity for breath, play a significant role in the expression of illness or wellness in any individual. By making precise, gentle contacts on the spine, we cue the brain and body to move from a state of being overwhelmed and defensive to a state of ease and growth for chronic conditions Bio-Emotional Integration is recommended. 

Through the combination of outstanding spinal care, emotional harmonization, wellness education, and simple-to-use exercises, we partner with our chiropractic patients to create short and long term outcomes which create immediate healing and sustainable transformation.


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