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“Seriously… If this place did not exist, I would have nowhere to go in the Charlotte metro area and this modality is absolutely necessary for me to thrive and flow in my life.

Without this care, my system tends to somehow get back into fight or flight no matter what I do for myself. This is the magic ticket for me to feel good in my body, and mind, and feel connected to my spirit.

It’s also super helpful that you can have a visit here and be supported with supplements and a myriad of other things as well.

I’ve worked with other practitioners in this field in the past, and I really love how Dr. Ginny tells me what she’s doing. That’s not something all doctors have done, and I really appreciate it.

I visit once a week, and I’m in Charlotte if that tells you how important it is to me.

And, of course, you will always be greeted with love as you walk into the space by whoever is there to receive you.” 🙏🏼

Jenn S.

Touch Light Chiropractic has been instrumental in helping me heal my emotional traumas. I’ve had a rocky past with different types of therapy, and Dr. Ginny’s BEI has been the most powerful modality to actually release the tension and trauma from my body. It’s sometimes hard to grow from and process issues caused by other people, especially when those people are not on the same level of healing as you are. The thing about network chiropractic and what Dr. Ginny does, is that you as an individual are freed from the specific interference that said issues have caused, even if the people who caused it aren’t on the same page with you about it all. Being able to detach from the source of your trauma is so important for healing and that’s what I’ve been able to do since starting care at TLC 💙

Arianne C.Patient

This is an essential place to get your health back to normal. I’m grateful I found this place I can see improvement in my well-being from network chiropractic care. No pain just let your body do the work!

Alberto L.Patient

I’ve been visiting TLC for 6 months and the healing practices have been phenomenal! I’m highly appreciative and delighted to have the TLC family as part of my healing journey! If you’re experiencing any type of pain whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual; I’d highly recommend seeking assistance from TLC.

Asia M.Patient

“I came to Touch Light Chiropractic on the advice of a friend. I was looking for some physical and emotional support during a major transition in my life. I have done chiropractic care most of my life, but as a scientist, I was skeptical about this light touch technique. My experience has far exceeded my expectations. My body feels good, strong, peaceful, and ready to move forward. The work Dr. Ginni does has helped me better handle stress, breathe easier, and feel more confident about my body’s ability to heal itself. All of the staff at Touch Light Chiropractic are so caring and happy, I am very glad I took the leap of faith. It has been really wonderful. “

Jennifer L.Patient

“Dr. Ginni is amazing! I had never encountered Network Care before and when I first saw it, I thought it was a little unusual from what I have experienced with chiropractic before. Immediately after my first entrainment I felt a difference. I felt like I was finally able to breathe and I slept like a baby. I always feel better when I get off the table after getting entrained. The care you get from Dr. Ginni is unlike anything you have ever experienced. She is knowledgeable and skilled and I would recommend her to everyone!”

Rozanne Z.Patient

“Dr. Ginni Gross is a wonderful practitioner. She was my doctor for over a year and I can’t say enough about her. She’s such an amazing chiropractor, with such a wide range of professional skills. In addition, the extra caring touch that she provides made such a difference in my care. Very personal and genuine doctor, which is so rare these days.”

Luke S.Patient

” Since being under care, I have a greater awareness of my body and my breath. I am much more connected to myself in that I trust and listen to what my body is telling me. Dr. Ginni has incredible presence when she is working with me. I feel like I am the only person in the room and she is right there listening only to me. “

– Lauren L.Patient

” NSA has been an experience of growth for me. It has made me more aware of my body, my emotions, and more sensitive to what is going on around me. I choose to be healthier and more vibrant, and I am reaching for potential things in my life I likely would not have before. I have more peace of mind that all is well, all the time, and that challenges are not bad, but rather there for my own growth…so I’m more excited about everything in my life! “

– Jenn B.Patient

“I have no words for how exercise feels after an entrainment! I just biked 9 miles and barely broke a sweat. My muscles feel stronger, my lungs work better, and overall that makes me feel more joyful! I love network care!!!! “

– Mike C.Patient


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