Bio-Emotional Integration (BEI)

Huntersville Chiropractors, Dr. Ginni Gross & Dr. Tina Tang provides a gentle, light touch approach to chiropractic care.

What is Bio-Emotional Integration (BEI)?

Bio-Emotional Integration is a gentle, non-invasive approach to improving all-around health that combines aspects of several healing modalities studied by Dr. Ginni.  BEI is a combination of all these modalities designed to help individuals’ access optimal emotional and physical health.  BEI is a means of reprogramming the body’s cells, therefore harmonizing the body with the mind and spirit.

How does it work?

Our subconscious mind stores buried emotions, which if left long enough, can negatively affect the body, even organs and glands, which rob you of the “positive” energy needed to live your best life. By using Applied Kinesiology with specific questioning, emotions that have been stored in our bodies for perhaps years are liberated and reframed.  Only the emotion is identified, not the circumstance inciting the emotion.  BEI promotes body and mind awareness, integrating emotions with the body, while creating harmony and coherence in the system. The body’s energy can then flow more freely, gently and effectively to remove interferences in the nervous system, enabling the body to heal.  Similar to updating your computer, the nervous system reorganizes on many levels so it can use its energy more efficiently.

How will I feel from experiencing BEI?
People have reported they feel “lighter” or “relaxed.” Others report feeling a sense of peace, relief of pain/symptoms and/or increased vitality. When we have stuck emotions within our physiology, we disconnect from certain parts of ourselves, causing dis-ease within our body/mind/spirit and resulting in various physiological and emotional symptoms.  Releasing stuck emotions creates harmony, in which our body’s innate ability to heal is enhanced and we adapt to daily stresses with more ease and grace. 

How do I get started living my best life?
Don’t spend another moment living with pain, anxiety, dis-ease or emotional bankruptcy! Set up an appointment today.

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