Chiropractic Care

At Touch Light Chiropractic, we implement chiropractic care using Network Spinal Analysis (NSA, sometimes called Network Spinal Care), Somato-Respiratory Integration and tonal techniques, rather than traditional spinal manipulation. These methods, combined, make up Network Care, which we use with the goal of helping our patients’ bodies learn to heal and adjust to stress as a part of everyday life. We teach the body strategies to deal with tension, pain, and other symptoms in a healthy way. This results in longer lasting relief. 

Huntersville Network Spinal Care Chiropractors, Dr. Ginni Gross and Dr. Tina Tang seek to advance health by improving the skeletal, muscle and nervous systems through a wide variety of techniques and approaches. Many are familiar with the “back cracking” kind of adjustments made by chiropractors, but few understand that chiropractic care encompasses many different methods.  Dr. Ginni uses light force techniques that address not only pain, tension, and other symptoms – but address the entire system, helping the person to experience wellness and pain relief in their everyday lives.


Get real one-on-one time with Dr. Ginni & Dr. Tina!