Huntersville Chiropractor, Dr. Ginni Gross

Which Wolf do You Feed?

We have choices on what we focus on in our lives. We have the choice to feed the good wolf…the one who will lead us in a positive loving direction, or we can choose to feed the bad wolf…the one who has the ability to destroy us with the negative thoughts and actions.

How Do You Talk to Yourself

If someone else talked to you the way that you sometimes talk to yourself – you probably wouldn’t like them very much . . . Be conscious of the words and tone of your self-talk because these things are proven to have a profound effect on your overall health and well-being.

Heart Health

Heart disease is a silent killer for many. Getting routine chiropractic checkups (just like going to the dentist or cardiologist) can provide you insight into underlying health concerns that aren’t on your radar because they haven’t created any outward signs or symptoms that you’ve noticed.

The Power of the Mind

When you wake up, what are you thinking first thing in the morning? What mind-set do you go to bed with? These two critical points in your day are very important times to be aware of your thoughts and self-talk.